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To go to Kawah Putih, Ciwidey, it really drains, although you are already in Dongeng State In Kawah Putih Bandung nevertheless need a trip of about 2 hours to get at the White Crater. It had been 2 hours because I utilized the motorcycle, if you utilized the automobile it’d take more time due to the heavy traffic of the vehicles going there. You nevertheless must go up to the inland region to go to the thing of the place in the Ciwidey region. For motorcyclists like me, surely extra vigilance is necessary since the roads are up and down.

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But our eyes will probably be spoiled with views of the mountains that cool the soul and eyes of . For visitors from outside of Bandung who use four wheeled vehicles may pass the Kopo Toll Exit, pass Sayati and go to Soreang, from Soreang to Ciwidey and arrive at the location of the White Crater. An alternate route can use the Buah Batu toll road. As for tourists who use the public transport, access to the white crater is taken with the Leuwi Panjang terminal lineup – proceed into the Ciwidey terminal – the location of the white crater.

The item which you need to bring when here’s a mask and coat. Its name is mountainous region, the weather must be chilly, unless you utilized to ride the mountain so that they utilized to fight the cold. Besides this, because this white crater is a lake formed from the eruption of Patuha Mountain, so the earth and water of the lake is mixed with sulfur, then the odor of sulfur very piercing. Should you will forget to bring a mask, you can purchase it in the entrance ticket sale, but the price is surely different from the masks sold on the market.

In the gate, you will be charged entrance ticket and transportation prices to go to the White Crater. Ticket costs and carry about 25 thousand for one person. Motorbikes aren’t permitted to go up, for private vehicles it costs about 200 thousand rupiahs. You will be brought into a group car that’s typically called Anting Anang, this car won’t work if the passenger numbers is insufficient. When it arrived, you would feel just as in a fairy tale, a stretch of river water mixed with self-evident craters encompassed by mountains and gravel covered a tiny fog, really paid all the fatigue along the way. The white crater of Bandung Though there are no other items, like rides to playwith, however this scene feels as though it’s replaced everything. The eyes do not seems to be tired of seeing the beauty this place has to offer. Do not miss capturing this beauty in the shape of photos.